How we work

The extensive terminology base – which is the basis for our high-quality translations – has been created by our specialists and is something that is regularly improved upon. Our office library is constantly growing. When working with specific texts, we involve high-level consultants from the corresponding field. In the case of translating highly specialized texts, a glossary is first established and confirmed by the client. Some clients use a definite, well-established terminology in their texts, and in such cases cooperation with the client is simply indispensable in order to ensure the required quality levels for the order.

At the final stage the text is edited, providing an additional guarantee that the accuracy of the translation is of the required level.
We have all the relevant professional facilities and resources, which makes it possible to standardise and localise the texts of an entire group of languages. This means that in addition to the accuracy of the translation not only are the local characteristics taken into account but also all international requirements, while retaining the uniform style and formatting of the text.

We also deal with audio and video advertising.

We provide interpreting services.

We use all the latest translation methods and technology.

Pangloss actively cooperates under contracts with colleagues from Great Britain, Finland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.


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