Pangloss is an international network of translation agencies that has been providing translation services and translation advice in connection with Baltic region languages for over twenty years.

Our offices are located in the three Baltic capitals.

Brief history
The limited company, Dynaline Balti, was founded in 1994 upon the initiative of Artem Davidjants PhD. Over the following few years the company opened branches in Riga and Vilnius. In 1999 the companies were reorganised and renamed, whereupon the network acquired its current name and structure.

The network is headed by Artem Davidjants.

Our mission
Pangloss is working towards one goal – that of fulfilling its clients’ orders efficiently and at the highest levels of quality in order to promote their products and services in our markets.

Our vision
The company’s main strategy is to establish long-term relations with clients.

Years of collaboration allows us to delve more deeply into the client’s wishes and needs, understand the specific nature of their style and presentation, and create a specific text and term base for them.

As much as 80% of the company’s turnover comes from repeat clients.

The network is managed by Artem Davidjants – a teacher and scholar, and an author of a good many language-learning materials (including those based on information technology). Between 1975 and 1994, Davidjants worked at the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, and since 1994 he has been engaged in business and civic activities.



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