Pangloss Publishers specializes in the publication of materials for learning foreign languages both practically and from a more culturally-oriented perspective. Most of our publications are oriented toward self-instruction. Our company has participated in and won several competitions, this resulting in being awarded the contracts to produce materials for such organizations as the Open Estonian Foundation, PHARE, the Foundation for Integration of Non-Estonians, the Latvian Department of Naturalization, the University of Copenhagen, Youth for Understanding, Nordic Press (the newspaper Vaba Eesti Sõna in New York), under the framework of European Commission Archimedes projects (Lingua 2), EACEA (LLP Key Activity 2) and others. Some of our projects have been adapted for radio and television, and have been broadcast by both state-owned and commercial radio and broadcasting in Estonia (Raadio 4, ETV, Channel 2, STV).

Pangloss has also organized various language courses.

“Estonian Language and Mind” 2006
A new and innovative computer-based course in modern Estonian “Estonian Language and Mind” 2006 (60 min)Audio: estonianThis course is intended
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Project “Speak and Learn”
Speak and Learn. Language course for Exchange students (20 languages of EU member-states on mobile devices). The mobility of
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