“Estonian Language and Mind” 2006

A new and innovative computer-based course in modern Estonian
“Estonian Language and Mind” 2006
(60 min)
Audio: estonianThis course is intended for self-study as well as classroom use. The aims of the course are to teach Estonian and to present Estonian culture. The flexible structure of the course enables the learner to start using it from any level of mastery of the language, from minimal knowledge up to the advanced level.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission within the framework of the Socrates programme.
This course includes: a 57-minute educational film, 30 instructional video clips, 28 instructional audio clips, 35 minutes of phonetic audio recordings, a 60-page textbook, 75 training exercises and approx. 1800 lexical entries with principal parts.

The course is translated into the following 9 languages: dutch, english, french, german, greek, hungarian, italian, romanian and russian.

Details: Eesti keel ja meel


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